The importance of digital ticketing to sports organisations

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Digital ticketing is an important aspect of modern sports organizations as it offers several benefits to both the organization and its customers. Some of the key advantages of digital ticketing include:

  1. Increased convenience for customers: Digital tickets can be purchased online, which eliminates the need for customers to physically visit a box office or ticket outlet. This makes it easier for customers to buy tickets and reduces wait times. Additionally, digital tickets can be sent directly to customers' smartphones or email, which reduces the risk of losing physical tickets.

  2. Reduced ticket fraud: Digital tickets are often stored electronically and can be verified through a unique barcode or QR code. This makes it much more difficult to duplicate or counterfeit tickets, which can help to reduce fraud and improve security at events.

  3. Improved data collection and analysis: Digital ticketing systems can collect data on customer behavior, such as which events they attend and how they purchase tickets. This data can be analyzed to gain insight into customer preferences and to help organizations make data-driven decisions.

  4. Increased revenue: Digital ticketing can help organizations to sell more tickets by making it easier for customers to purchase them. Additionally, digital tickets can be set to automatically expire after a certain time, which can encourage customers to purchase tickets closer to an event, thus increasing revenue.

  5. Increased scalability: Digital ticketing allows organizations to scale the number of tickets they sell to meet demand. As the tickets are stored electronically, more can be added or sold on a specific event if there is a high demand. This helps to avoid the disappointment of customers when events are sold out.

  6. Cost saving: By using digital ticketing, sports organizations can save costs on printing and distribution of tickets, which also eliminates the need for physical check-in or ticket scanning.

  7. Increased marketing opportunity: Digital ticketing system can be integrated with social media, which can help organizations to promote events and reach a wider audience. Customers can also be encouraged to share their tickets on social media, which can help to generate buzz around an event.
In conclusion, digital ticketing is an important aspect of modern sports organizations as it provides several benefits to both the organization and its customers. It increases convenience, reduces fraud, improves data collection, increases revenue, scalability and marketing opportunity, and reduces cost. It is a modern way to access, purchase and attend a sporting event.

Dave Brannan

Dave has more than 30 years international sales and marketing experience and was instrumental in launching Compuserve, Symantec and Norton Antivirus, re-branding both Xerox and Gartner. In recent years, Dave's has leveraged the latest technology and emerging trends to create revolutionary marketing solutions; advising and/or producing digital solutions for sports organisations and sponsor brands. Clients include Vodafone, Nissan, Burnley FC, BUCS, Betfred, LottoLand, GVC.


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