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Lokkaroom digital sports marketplace

Sports fans can now open the door to exclusive content, ownership opportunities and more ways to connect with their favorite clubs and athletes using Lokkaroom, our interconnective new digital platform.

We have developed Lokkaroom to give fans exclusive access to their sporting heroes, and provide sports organizations with a new way to thank and reward fans for their support.

Taking fan participation to a new level, organizations, clubs and athletes of all sports can create their own digital economies by enhancing the fan experience.

Built using the Hedera network - which is one of the most advanced, secure and carbon negative decentralized ledgers - Lokkaroom makes the new opportunities emerging technology offers, easily accessible to everyone, ensuring fan participation is taken to a whole new level.

Our team at Lokkaroom have created a suite of modular features which can be switched on or off allowing sport industry professionals to build bespoke products and activities for supporters, including digital collectibles, fan votes and free rewards.


Digital Collectibles that are true to the name, collectible

Collectibles are also known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and they come in the form of digital media like player trading cards, exclusive media, or historic moments. Each collectible is given a unique identifying code which means it cannot be replicated and with each having a limited number of editions and varying degrees of rarity, they can become highly coveted by collectors.

Collecting sports cards has been a hobby for millions across generations, and nothing can beat the excitement of trading a card to complete a collection. We built Lokkaroom as an intuitive and easy-to-use app to make the digital transition easy for creators and collectors alike.

All of the Lokkaroom collectibles and tokens are linked to real world currencies not cryptocurrencies, which makes the process of creating, minting, and collecting more accessible to everyone, and by avoiding the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. Exclusive digital collectibles on Lokkaroom can be bought using GBP or our partners' tokens.


Three launch collections on Lokkaroom

We are proud to announce that Lokkaroom goes live to the public with two sports and three digital collections.

Football scouting app Skouted, which was co-founded by former England youth and Manchester United player, Febian Brandy, to help young players promote their talents to scouts and professional clubs, is one of the first sport organizations to launch its own Lokkaroom.

Their inaugural collection, the Skouted Kickoff 2022 collection, featuring Febian Brandy and Oliver Fannon, shows just some of the possible formats collectibles can take, and players are invited to submit content to be a part of the next collection.

Lokkaroom is an extension of Skouted’s offering to players, with the aim of helping them to promote their talent to as wide an audience as possible and to allow their supporters to join them on their journey to professional football.

The Manchester Giants 2021/22 team also got involved in a collectibles film and photo shoot earlier this year, making them the UK’s first professional basketball players to launch digital collectibles. Two collections are now live on Lokkaroom; a limited-edition Cup Finals Team 2022 collection and a collection celebrating the ever-popular Retro Night 2022.

Build your collections by visiting the Skouted Lokkaroom and Manchester Giants Lokkaroom, and buy or resell official collectibles with other fans in the Lokkaroom Marketplace, to complete collections with finds that have sold out during first-sale editions.

Fans can also get involved with the other features including live votes and rewards. Other new features in advance stages of development by Lokkaroom include tickets with inbuilt discounts and rewards, an auction house, and fractional ownership opportunities.

Through years of research by our specialist team, Lokkaroom was built using a superior tech stack, with high security ensured for fans, clubs and athletes alike when using tokens to buy and sell. And ultimately by sports fans using Lokkaroom, they will help secure the future of their favorite athlete or club by contributing to their development through the sustainable revenue streams Lokkaroom has forged.


Exciting opportunities in emerging technologies

Dave Brannan from Lokkaroom said: “Our research shows that fans are seeking new ways to interact and engage with their chosen sports, clubs and athletes, and that clubs and athletes want to take fan participation to a new level to recognize and reward the support of their fans and strengthen the community in a safe and secure environment.

He continued; “Fans, clubs and athletes desire and deserve a more meaningful and rewarding digital experience that takes participation to a new level. Lokkaroom helps make that possible. We adopt the best of emerging web3 technologies to make new and exciting opportunities in digital engagement and entertainment available to everyone.

“We are delighted to launch Lokkaroom with a Skouted collection and hope the opportunity for grassroots footballers to build their profile through the platform is realised.

“Our two-day shoot with the Manchester Giants was huge fun and we really hope the fans enjoy the collectibles we have created.

“There is so much more to come, and we are excited for fans to begin using Lokkaroom to connect with their sporting champions.”

Lokkaroom invites sports fans, athletes and clubs to step inside and explore the new enterprise-grade platform.

T.M. Anderson


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